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Injury help:

If you have suffered an injury during exercise or sports, the most efficient way of recovering is to use soft exercises that focus on a specific area, which can help speed up recovery.

To register what injury you may have recieved, make an appointment with your local doctor. If the pain is severe, go to your nearwest hospital to get it checked out.

If the pain is too severe, please avoid doing any physical activities as it may cause more damge.

Membership infomation:

When you join this gym, as a welcome, we will give you your first month for FREE and your second, 50% off just to say thanks.

When you become apart of the gym, you also gain access to th spa areafor help of relaxation from the exercise

Abou the Gym:

The gym hosts a wide range of facilities from a five star lesiure centre to high class realation department where members can come in and enjoy a day at the spa

If any questions haven't been answered, plase don't hesitate to contact us or come and meet us face to face

Our address:

Blossomfield Road,

Solihull, West Midlands,

B91 1SB

Telephone number: 0121 678 7000